WOW Cockpit 1P

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WOW Cockpit 1P

€129.00 TTC
Towable buoy - 1 Person - Dimensions 146/94/66 cm - 2 nylon handles


For the Coupe buoy series, WOW has once again brought an old design up to date. Thanks to their Drop Speed bottom, these buoys are not only very fast and well-balanced in the wake and in the turns, but they are also super comfortable and very relaxing if you just want to relax on the water. In addition, the red color gives them a racing car look. Try the 1, 2 or 3-seater Cup and save space on your boat with this 2-in-1 buoy.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Marque WOW
Passengers : 1 person
Maximum capacity : 77 kg
Design : Innovative new design with inclined backrest and footrest for maximum comfort
Technology : Bottom drop speed allows an easier glide and therefore a lower fuel consumption.
strength : Resistant traction system
cover : resistant nylon on a part of the buoy
bladders : High-capacity PVC
Colors : red for better visibility on the water
handles : foam lined with EVA protection for the joints
Valve : Inflation valve protected by a zippered cover
Inflated size : 146 cm x 94 cm x 66 cm